Echivisivi realizes cinema workshops for children and teenagers of primary and secondary schools (both middle and high school) throughout the national territory. The students involved are between the ages of 6 and 19 and, under the supervision of their teachers, they learn the seventh art in first person, taking part in the making of a short film. Starting from known literary works or original stories, students actively participate in the workshop by creating an audio-visual product from the creative moment to its editing and finalization. From the script to the pre-production, from the set’s arrangement to the filming, the laboratory includes several modules that are taken care of by the professionals of EchiVisivi team. A formative opportunity that allows students to work in groups and confront themselves with different cinematographic codes and techniques (animation, documentary, instant movie etc) facing up-to-date issues from a new point of view. Learn to use cinema to analyze and tell realities. Cyberbullying and the correct use of technology are among the themes touched by the laboratories. The workshops can be realized through the participation of the school in ministerial and / or local calls.


In collaboration with the Anna Magnani School of Cinema, we have created a modern and creative training space to learn the new audio-visual languages ​​and immediately check them on the field. Three didactic courses conceived and curated by EchiVisivi, including a theoretical part, a part of practical realization and the possibility to participate in training internships to be carried out at our productions.

Intensive Production Seminar and Creative Film Organization: analysis, elaboration and construction of independent film production paths. A total full-immersion in the world of independent film production through the study, in-depth study and practical approach to the most innovative and modern production methods based on the centrality of the artistic work and its independence.

WorkShop / Documentary Film Direction Course: from the identification of a theme to the development of a documentary project, from the writing to the production and realization of the film. An open and flexible course on design, writing and production of documentary films within an industry which is getting increasingly receptive to the new languages ​​and to the diversified forms of story-telling and narrative experimentation.

Intensive Seminar – “Seriality and Web”: from putting the idea into writing to the construction of an innovative productive approach based on the new audio-visual languages ​​of seriality and of the web. Facing new commercial spaces, creating different narrative modules, identifying the most structured path to position oneself within the new audio-visual market.



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