In 2009, we were dreaming of a factory of ideas, where to concentrate our love for the seventh art and see our conception of ​​cinema realized. Our devotion to the profession and the will to share have thus led to the birth of Echivisivi, a cultural project with a clear identity, a place in which it is possible to nurture, with freedom and determination, the passion for a cinema able to leave tangible signs in those who listen and see.

Led by Samuele Rossi and Giuseppe Cassaro – EchiVisivi is a production company of audio-visual works, dealing with the whole process of realization: from the writing phase to the finalization. In a dynamic and unconventional production space, we have been making fiction films, documentaries, TV formats and author commercials since 2011. With a cultural and innovative approach, we tell stories capable of facing the international market and the most contemporary productive and artistic codes.


If I’m asked of two citations, I’d say “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better” by S. Beckett and “Sit. Feast on your life” by D. Walcott. Feast on your life” by D. Walcott. Passionate about cinema and literature, I graduated in Modern Philology in Rome, in Filmmaking at the European Rosebud School in Rome and fine-tuned my script-writing at the New York Film Academy. I tell stories wildly, to surprise, to make people think and, hopefully, to donate a time of magic to the public. I mainly work for cinema. Since 2018 I’m member of the board International Popoli Festival.


Music. Stories. I write original music for movies, I create stories. I love experimenting and developing ideas both as producer and musician, in order to observe the projects from as many different perspectives as possible. I have graduated at the university of Pisa in Cinema and Multimedia Production and that’s where I have met Samuele Rossi, with whom I founded the EchiVisivi production company. I compose music for the cinema, I have worked for GDM Music and realized sound design content for Rai, Sky, LA7. I am the CEO of Carlo Lucarelli’s Bottega Finzioni since 2017.


I have graduated in Modern Literature, at the university of Pisa, in 2016 – but the courses in Romance Philology and Glottology are not enough to quench my lust for cinema. So, I have moved to Rome and in 2017 I have accomplished my diploma in screenplay at the Experimental Center of Cinematography. I am in charge of developing projects for EchiVisivi and I am a screenwriter for Mediaset and Rai.


I graduated in Florence in 2012 in law with the expert of the law philosophy PhD. Luigi Lombardi Vallauri. I work with passion and gracefulness the noble forensic profession. I collaborate with the prestigious lawyer Michele Lai’s office, the most important expert in italian coyright law. Extreme traveller, crazy basketball passionate, hungry reader and lover of arts, i took from my passiond the desire to connect my job to art ant artists.


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